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What is the .LOCALSTORAGE file type?

The clumsy .localstorage filename extension specifically denotes HTML5 local storage files created by WebKit-based web browsers. WebKit is the name of an open HTML rendering engine jointly developed by major browser companies and the Web community.

WebKit-based browsers (Google Chromium/Chrome and derivatives, Opera, Safari, etc.) use .localstorage files to provide support for the HTML5 persistent storage features, enabling web applications to work offline or maintain local data sources.

A .localstorage file is a binary database file that stores pairs of keys and values for an HTML5 web site. Each LOCALSTORAGE file is named with the site's full domain name suffixed with the .localstorage extension, e.g. "http_www.filetypeadvisor.com_0.localstorage."

Physically, .localstorage files are saved into the local application data directory, for instance, "%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage" (Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows).

LOCALSTORAGE data files are fully handled by the web browser that created them. Using browser options, one can limit the disk space allocated to HTML5 local storage.

Software to open or convert LOCALSTORAGE files

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