HDP File Extension

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What is the .HDP file type?

The HDP file extension is commonly associated with the HD Photo format developed by Microsoft Corporation for storing continuous-tone raster still images. The HDP (formerly Windows Media Photo) format is part of the JPEG XR standard.

The HDP format supports RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and other color schemes, HDR imaging, alpha channels and their blending capabilities, supplementary Exif and XMP information as well as an embedding of ICC profiles to display the same colors on different devices.

HDP images include several enhancements in comparison with traditional JPEG encoding such as both lossless and lossy compression schemes and a better compression rate. Plus, HDP images provide more accurate color representation.

Alternatively, the HDP file extension may be assigned to reference audio files used in MAGIX audio and video editing software. HDP files are created automatically when you are making a project in a MAGIX application. They help users edit audio information without affecting the original source file.

Software to open or convert HDP files

You can open HDP files with the following programs: 

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