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What is the .MAV file type?

The filename extension .mav belongs to the Microsoft Access View Shortcut (.mav) file type, introduced by Microsoft's commercial Relational DMBS named Microsoft Access, a part of the Microsoft Office suite. As a convenience feature, Microsoft Access supports so-called shortcuts to enable quick access to different database objects. Each of such shortcuts is a small file acting as a pointer, with no actual data inside.

In particular, the .mav file is a shortcut to a Microsoft Access view. A view is a database object that represents a virtual table, often built dynamically using queries. When the .mav file is opened, its associated view is brought up in Microsoft Access. Besides view shortcuts (.mav), table (.mat), query (.maq), and other shortcuts are used for the same purpose. If Microsoft Access is installed on a system, the .mav extension is not displayed, even if the "Hide extensions..." option in Windows Explorer is turned off. Because of potential security implications, e-mail clients often include the .mav file type in their attachment block lists.


Software to open or convert MAV files

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