CBV File Extension

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What is the .CBV file type?

The .cbv extension has its association with the ChessBase Compressed Database Archive (CBV) file format and the respective file type (.cbv). In the world of chess, ChessBase GmbH commercially provides comprehensive collections and compilations of chess games (incl. openings, endgames, etc.) in the form of ChessBase databases. Such databases come as multiple .cbh (a proprietary ChessBase database format) and other files.

Aside from CBH, several archive formats are used by ChessBase. Similar to CBZ (a ZIP-based ChessBase archive format), CBV is a proprietary ChessBase format used for backup and sharing purposes. A .cbv file is a binary file in the CBV format that contains a compressed copy of multiple files, making up a ChessBase database. CBV archives are handled transparently by all ChessBase software.

CBV ChessBase database archives can be password-protected through encryption. Quite often CBV files are used as containers for multiple chess games (game collections), distributed commercially. CBV archives are supported by all ChessBase software, including the free ChessBase Reader tool.

Software to open or convert CBV files

You can open CBV files with the following programs:
ChessBase by ChessBase
ChessBase by ChessBase GmbH
CBLight by ChessBase GmbH
ChessBase Reader
ChessBase Reader by ChessBase
CBReader by ChessBase GmbH

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