HPS File Extension

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What is the .HPS file type?

The HPS file extension is used for Hewett-Packard Digital Sender Information files. They are created when users scan and send documents using HP Digital Senders. The actual scanned document is usually stored in the PDF file format while interface parameters from the sender device (its model name, IP address, sender's name if identified, document title, etc.) – in a HPS file.

Once the scanned document has been transmitted to the recipient, the information file with the .hps extension is no longer required. However, you can still access its contents to check the details of the sent job. PDF and HPS files usually share the same name. If the name was not specified by the user at the control panel, it is generated from the system date and time.

In addition, the HPS file extension can refer to game scripts used by the HPL2 Engine. These HPS files represent text documents containing functions that define game events such as scream sounds or lamp lights. It is possible to edit HPS files in text editors to create your own events for HPL2 games.

Software to open or convert HPS files

You can open HPS files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Schweizer proMSP
Schweizer proMSP by Ernst Schweizer AG

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