BIOEXCESS File Extension

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What is the .BIOEXCESS file type?

The unwieldy .bioexcess filename extension represents the BioExcess/MyWinLocker Protected File (.bioexcess) file type and format used by the BioExcess and MyWinLocker cryptographic data security software developed by EgisTec Inc. for the Microsoft Windows platform. BioExcess is often bundled with fingerprint sensor-equipped Lenovo notebooks, while MyWinLocker is shipped with similar Acer products. Both BioExcess and MyWinLocker use the same code base and encryption methods (AES).

As a security feature, BioExcess/MyWinLocker allow to 'protect' user files through encryption. Any such 'protected' file is replaced with its encrypted copy, which is assigned the .bioexcess extension to identify its encrypted state. Encrypted BioExcess/MyWinLocker files can be decrypted in several ways: using the screen gadget, the right-click menu, or the default open action (double-click). Decryption of such .bioexcess files is generally possible only on the same machine, provided a matching fingerprint scan can be successfully obtained or the fallback conventional password is known and can be entered. Without decryption, any .bioexcess file is completely useless.


Software to open or convert BIOEXCESS files

You can open BIOEXCESS files with the following programs:
MyWinLocker by Egis Technology Inc.
BioExcess by Egis Technology Inc.
HP SimplePass Identity Protection
HP SimplePass Identity Protection by Egis Technology Inc.

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