MCM File Extension

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What is the .MCM file type?

The MCM file extension is related to MacMolecule/PCMolecule, a free program for visualizing 3D molecular structures created by the University of Arizona as an experimental project for students of chemistry, biology, and allied sciences.

The .mcm extension defines MacMolecule/PCMolecule files which contain X,Y,Z atomic coordinates obtained via x-ray crystallographic analysis. The coordinates define the number of atoms in the molecule, their size and location.

The program uses the data from a related .mcm file to display a 3D graphic representation of the molecule. It is possible to rotate the image to see the molecule from different angles. Some simple inorganic molecules are already included in the program's library.

In addition, the .mcm file extension may also refer to Cadence Allegro Package Designer application used for electronic systems design. MCM (Multi-chip Module) files represent design database files intended for integrated circuit packaging. They help users perform design routing, component placement, and other tasks.

Software to open or convert MCM files

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