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Have a problem opening a .TEX file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what TEX files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .TEX file type?

Primarily, the .tex extension denotes the LaTeX/TeX Document (.tex) file type and format. LaTeX is an open/free cross-platform typesetting system and markup language based on TeX. In LaTeX/TeX documents, tags are used to mark up the document's internal logic and structure, regardless of presentational aspects. One of the best ways to render complex formulas, LaTeX/TeX is steadily popular in the scientific and academic circles.

A .tex file contains the source code of a TeX document augmented and extended with the use of LaTeX macros and extension packages. Before it can be displayed visually, the LaTeX/TeX source code that must be parsed, processed, and rendered. Presentation of .tex documents is controlled with LaTeX styles.

TEX documents can be prepared with both plaintext editing and using a LaTeX/TeX software. TEX files can be 'built' (compiled) into HTML, PDF or other formats from within LaTeX editors or with a series of standalone tools. There are a great many LaTeX/TeX editors available on virtually all platforms, with a strong presence especially in the Unix/Linux world.

Apart from that, the .tex extension—in the meaning of 'Texture'—also serves to denote various bitmap texture files. Such .tex files are used by a number of computer games and are, in fact, compressed containers for multiple texture images in the DXT (e.g., DXT5-D2) or other texture formats employed by the respective game engines. Depending on the actual format of the file, there are tools to modify, package, and extract textures to/from TEX files. Besides games, .tex texture files are also used by several image manipulation applications.

Software to open or convert TEX files

You can open TEX files with the following programs:
MiKTeX by MiKTeX.org
TeXnicCenter by The TeXnicCenter Team
FileViewPro by Solvusoft Corporation

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