PAGES File Extension

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What is the .PAGES file type?

The .pages extension is usually assigned to document files created with Pages, a word-processing component of the proprietary iWork office productivity suite by Apple, Inc. Pages is a full-fledged word processor, and PAGES is the native format of iWork Pages documents. Similarly to ODF and OOXML, PAGES is an XML-based format.

A .pages file is a ZIP archive that contains all document's resources in a structured directory tree. A .pages archive would always contain the document's main XML file ('index.xml') that contains all text and formatting information.

Normally, PAGES files can be opened for editing within iWork Pages. However, .pages files can be converted into other formats, which also includes conversion via online document-sharing services.

Any .pages file always has a PDF version of the contained document included in the archive. Such a PDF file would retain all formatting and fonts, so for reading/printing purposes on any platform, a practical workaround is to change the extension to .zip, extract the .pdf file from the archive and open it with a PDF reader.

Software to open or convert PAGES files

You can open PAGES files with the following programs: 

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