PMP2 File Extension

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What is the .PMP2 file type?

The .pmp2 extension appears to denote a digital video container format introduced and supported by a generation of generic Asian no-name portable media player (PMP) devices collectively referred to as PMP II. Those are portable game consoles with audio and video playback capabilities.

PMP2 is a container format, which means that a .pmp2 file can contain several different video and audio streams wrapped together according to the PMP2 specifications. The PMP2 format is apparently some extension of the proprietary PSP Media Player (PMP) container format.

PMP2 video files would usually use the high-definition (HD) AVC/MP3 (AVC/AAC) video/audio codec pair. Compared to .mp4 and .avi, .pmp2 files generally have better video quality.

The PMP2 format is supported, and .pmp2 video files can be played by QvodPlayer, a free adware-driven multiplatform media player by Shenzhen QVOD Technology Co., Ltd. QvodPlayer is very popular in Asia (China, etc.) as it provides streaming support for many Asian content-delivery web sites. QvodPlayer associates itself with the PMP2 file type.

Software to open or convert PMP2 files

You can open PMP2 files with the following programs:
快播 by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd
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QvodPlayer by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd
暴风影音5 by 北京暴风科技股份有限公司
QvodPlayer(QVOD) by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd

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