SMIL File Extension

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What is the .SMIL file type?

The filename extension .smil stands for The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) and denotes the SMIL Presentation (.smil, .smi) file type. SMIL is an XML-based markup language, similar to HTML, developed by the World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium and standardized as a W3C Recommendation. It serves to author accessible, content-rich, portable multimedia presentations for the Web.

The .smil file is a SMIL online presentation. It is composed of the XML source code, according to one of the valid document types (SMIL 1.0, SMIL 2.0/2.1, SMIL 3.0). SMIL presentations allow to combine in a single timeline audio and video clips from different locations as well as apply transitions and effects. They do not contain actual multimedia data, but give URL references instead.

To avoid confusion with several other file types that use the .smi extension, SMIL files are most commonly assigned the .smil extension. The majority of modern web browsers, except IE, provide native SMIL support. In addition to that, SMIL files (.smil, .smi) are recognized and can be opened and played by a few popular media players.

Software to open or convert SMIL files

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