MNOVA File Extension

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What is the .MNOVA file type?

The filename extension .mnova represents the MestReNova (Mnova) NMR Data (.mnova) file type and file format associated with MestReNova (Mnova), a commercial multi-platform organic chemistry analysis tool developed by Mestrelab Research. Mnova documents are saved in Mestrelab Research's internal file format by default and assigned the .mnova extension. Mnova documents that contain separate pages can be additionally saved with the .mnpag extension.

An .mnova file is a MestReNova (Mnova) document. It is a binary data file, openable in MestReNova, that contains NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectra or other source data, graphics, text, and general document's layout data. All data inside an .mnova document is retained for further processing. When openened in MestReNova, the contents of any .mnova document can be exported to PDF or a vector/bitmap image format. At the time of its installation, Mnova registers the .mnova file type in the system and sets up its own association for it, which allows to open .mnova documents in MestReNova with the default open action (double-click).


Software to open or convert MNOVA files

You can open MNOVA files with the following programs:
MestReNova by Mestrelab Research SL
MestReNova by Mestrelab Research S.L.
MestReNova LITE
MestReNova LITE by Mestrelab Research S.L.

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