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What is the .PML file type?

Primarily, the .pml extension occurs in association with the Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Process Monitor Log File (.pml) file type and format. Microsoft Windows Sysinternals is a collection of advanced system administration, diagnostics, and maintenance tools, freely available from Microsoft on a special web portal.

Sysinternals Process Monitor (ProcMon, procmon.exe) allows to perform comprehensive monitoring of individual processes, taking account of memory usage, disk and registry access, network traffic, etc. All such data gathered by ProcMon are usually saved into .pml log files, using ProcMon's native PML file format.

A .pml file is a binary file that contains Process Monitor log data in the PML format. PML log files are normally meant to be opened with Process Monitor, although there are third-party tools that can read .pml files and manipulate their contents. Besides the native PML format, Process Monitor allows to export logs as .csv or .xml files.

Alternatively, the .pml extension has an association with the Adobe PageMaker Library (PML) file type and format related to the discontinued desktop publishing application Adobe PageMaker by Adobe (evolved into Adobe InDesign). In Adobe PageMaker, .pml files were used to store collections, or libraries of frequently accessed user images, objects, etc. A .pml library could be opened in a floating panel, giving easy access to the objects included in it. PML libraries created with different versions of Adobe PageMaker are not compatible.

Another association of the .pml extension belongs to the PADGen Application Profile (.pml) file type and the text-based XML format. PADGen is a freeware Microsoft Windows tool designed by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) to allow easy creation of Portable Application Description (PAD) files. PADGen uses .pml files to store application details that, combined with company details (.cml), serve as source data for exporting Version 3.11 PAD (.xml) files. To generate Version 4.0 PAD files, one has to use the online AppVisor tool.

Apart from that, the .pml extension has an association with the Pegasus Mail Distribution List (.pml) file type used with Pegasus Mail, a freeware Microsoft Windows e-mail client. A .pml file is a plain text file with a list of e-mail addresses and control keys in a special syntax. PML lists are used to set up mass e-mail sendouts, perform redirection, auto-answer, or other actions.

With reference to PyMOL, an open-source based cross-platform molecule viewer by Schrödinger with advanced animation and 3D rendering features, the .pml extension is used to denote PyMOL script files. A PyMOL script (.pml) is a regular text file that contains a series of statements in the PyMOL syntax that can be used to launch a specific PyMOL instance, restore its state, and automate actions. PML scripts are often based on PyMOL logs.

Besides, the .pml extension also denotes the Pyre XML Configuration File (.pml) file type. Pyre is a modular Python-based middleware framework for developing highly computationally-intensive scientific applications. Pyre configuration is done through .pml files. Here, a .pml file is an XML file that serves to configure Pyre properties, facilities, and components, overriding their default values.

Lastly, the .pml extension also happens to be associated with the Palm Markup Language (PML) Source File (.pml) file type/format. PML is an eReader e-book authoring language, and a .pml file is a text file with the PML source code of an eReader e-book, to be compiled into the eReader PDB container format. eReader is a legacy multi-platform e-book reading software by Barnes & Noble.

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