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What is the .B1 file type?

The .b1 extension belongs to the B1 Archive Volume file format and the associated .b1 file type. B1 is another recently introduced archive format based upon the LZMA data compression algorithm, with numerous enhancements and add-ons. B1 yields shorter archive processing times for both compression and decompression, while keeping high compression ratios. B1 is an open format without limitation on its implementation.

Currently, the only actual implementation of the B1 archive format is B1 Free Archiver, a freeware tool available for MS Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

A .b1 file is a binary compressed archive in the B1 format. Either single- or multiple-volume, B1 archives can be password-protected and encrypted (AES, 256-bit).

B1 archive files (.b1) can only be opened/extracted with the B1 Free Archiver tool. As an alternative to a standalone archiver, an online archive-extractor service is also provided for .b1 and other files. With B1 Archiver installed, .b1 archives can be handled the same way as other archive file formats.

Software to open or convert B1 files

You can open B1 files with the following programs:
B1 Free Archiver
B1 Free Archiver by Catalina Group Ltd
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
XZip by Luftix Ltd
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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