MOI File Extension

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What is the .MOI file type?

The purpose of the filename extension .moi is to denote metadata files associated with MOD and TOD video recordings made by digital camcorders of the JVC, Canon, and Panasonic brands. Pioneered by JVC and adopted as the recording formats in such camcorders, both MOD (standard quality) and TOD (high definition) rely on the same directory structure and file naming conventions, according to which the actual videos are saved as MOVXXX.MOD or MOVXXX.TOD files inside the PRGXXX subfolder of the storage medium's SD_VIDEO directory.

For each .mod or .tod video file, a matching .moi file is automatically created in the same folder. The .moi file contains all kinds of metadata associated with the video file, including the time of the recording, its duration, video and audio bitrates, codecs used, etc. MOI files represent the control structures that are required for proper navigation and playback of the actual recorded videos (.mod, .tod). The .moi file is just a metadata container and as such holds no encoded video or audio streams and makes sense only in pair with its matching video file, in which the entire bulk of the data is stored.


Software to open or convert MOI files

You can open MOI files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
XMedia Player
XMedia Player by XMedia Player
Movie Maker
Movie Maker by Microsoft Corporation

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