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What is the .MOD file type?

The primary association of the .mod extension relates to the Module (MOD) file format and type. The MOD format originated on the Amiga platform in late 1980's when the first tracker software was introduced (Ultimate Soundtracker).

The MOD format is used to record digital music in form of module (.mod) files that contain a number of tracks (up to 32) arranged into patterns. MOD files are similar to MIDI files in that they contain a sequence of messages to play certain notes with selected instruments in a proper order. Unlike MIDI, .mod files contain actual audio samples of live instruments, thus allowing MOD music to sound the same in different playback environments.

MOD music files are generally well supported by most media players on all platforms. MOD music has a strong presence on the Demoscene and, besides, is often part of various illegal keygen and software cracking tools.

Alternatively, the .mod extension can be used in conjunction with video files created by certain digital camcorder devices (JVC, Canon etc.). The MOD file type does not represent a distinct file format, as .mod video files are in fact MPEG-2 Program Stream (PS) containers containing compressed video and audio data. MOD video files can be played back with any media player that supports MPEG-2, although changing the extension from .mod to .mpg may often be required.

With the Fortran programming language and its many implementations, the .mod extension serves to label Fortran module interface files. Such .mod file are used to link pre-compiled object module files (.o) to module references in a Fortran program via the 'USE' statements.

In relation to GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) and its successor GRUB 2, the .mod extension is used to identify binary GRUB module files. GRUB is a well-established bootloader widely used in the Unix/Linux world, and a GRUB module is an executable file that provides a certain functionality within GRUB (e.g., adds support for a filesystem or a hardware interface etc.).

With Minecraft, a popular world-building game by Mojang based on the use of box shapes, the .mod extension is assigned to plaintext JavaScript files. Such .mod files are used to modify the main Minecraft executable through the intermediary modPE host interface. MOD scripts change the default behavior of the game and are an example of 'modding.'

In Europa Universalis— a war strategy computer game for MS Windows by Paradox Interactive—the .mod extension is used in conjunction with plaintext modification ('mod') files that contain references to all modified resource files to be used by the game.

In general, the .mod extension gets used in many cases as an abbreviation of 'module,' being attached to files that are modules of some kind. In a variety of differing formats, such .mod files can be encountered with different applications and/or operating systems.

The .mod extension is also often used as a short for 'modification,' being assigned to various computer game files (mainly plaintext) that control game modification ('modding').

Software to open or convert MOD files

You can open MOD files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
CyberLink Power Media Player
CyberLink Power Media Player by CyberLink Corp.
Nero MediaHome
Nero MediaHome by Nero AG

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