SMTMP File Extension

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What is the .SMTMP file type?

When used as a filename extension, the ".smtmp" string stands for 'SkyMonk Temporary' and denotes the SkyMonk Incomplete Download (SMTMP) file type. It is a placeholder extension that is appended to the original filename of any file downloaded with the SkyMonk download manager.

SkyMonk is a freeware download manager developed and aggressively advertised by the Letitbit file hosting service, forcing users to install SkyMonk in order to be able to download from Letitbit. Although a legitimate application by itself, SkyMonk has been known to cause numerous security and privacy issues.

A .smtmp file is any file, currently being downloaded with SkyMonk, i.e. an incomplete download. Once the file is completely downloaded and checked for integrity, SkyMonk removes the temporary .smtmp extension, restoring the original file type. Files still having the .smtmp suffix are not complete, and their internal structure is most probably broken.

Sometimes, however, the .smtmp suffix is not automatically removed, preventing the file from being properly opened/played. If the size of the file matches the declared download size, one could try removing the .smtmp extension manually.

Software to open or convert SMTMP files

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