MPLS File Extension

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What is the .MPLS file type?

The .mpls filename extension represents the Blu-ray Disc/AVCHD Playlist (.mpls, .MPL) file type and format. Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a proprietary standard for both high-capacity optical media (25/50 Gb per disk) and the data organization of High-Definition (HD) motion pictures. Developed for digital HD camcorders, AVCHD closely follows the BD standard.

The .mpls (.MPL) file is a BD/AVCHD playlist. It is a small binary file that contains references to, and defines the correct playback order of, the actual BD/AVCHD content: the .m2ts (.MTS) files located in the "/BDMV/STREAM" directory. Any .mpls file is just a playlist, it does not contain any actual multimedia data, and so it cannot be opened for playback without the .m2ts (.MTS) files it references.

There is one .mpls (.MPL) file per each track, while a track can consist of multiple .m2ts (.MTS) files. The playlist files themselves reside in the /BDMV/PLAYLIST" folder. Playback of a BD/AVCHD disk or folder always starts with the "00000.mpls" playlist (main disk menu).

Some media players are capable of playing BD/AVCHD media by opening the respective .mpls playlist files.

Software to open or convert MPLS files

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