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What is the .AZW file type?

The .azw filename extension represents the Amazon Kindle Electronic Book (AZW) file format, also referred to as KF7 (Kindle Format, Version 7). Fully based on the MobiPocket e-book format (MOBI) which was extended to include Amazon's DRM technology, AZW was specifically designed for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader devices. Both DRM-protected and DRM-free KF7 files belong to the same file type (.azw).

The .azw file is an Amazon Kindle (KF7) e-book. Basically, it is a MOBI file with a different extension. This does not, however, apply to .azw books with an active DRM protection. Besides Amazon Kindle devices, DRM-free AZW books can be directly opened and read in a number of e-book reader applications, while some (e.g., Calibre) additionally provide on-the-fly conversion to/from multiple e-book formats. To ensure accessibility, one can also simply change the AZW file's extension to .mobi or .prc. E-book authors can generate .azw files from their HTML, XML, and other sources with Amazon's KindleGen tool.

With the advent of newer, more advanced Kindle series, Amazon has extended KF7 (AZW) into KF8 (AZW3) which is the default e-book format of Amazon's online store.

Software to open or convert AZW files

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