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What is the .QSV file type?

The most frequent occurrence of the .qsv filename extension has to do with the iQIYI Video File (.qsv) file type. iQIYI is the second largest Chinese multimedia hosting and content delivery platform backed by Xiaomi and Baidu. For content protection and marketing reasons, iQIYI introduced its own multimedia format (QSV) and develops its own multimedia player (iQIYI Video, Chinese language only). QSV is a highly compressed, yet high-quality multimedia container format, most probably based on a customized MPEG-4 container.

The .qsv file is a QSV video file, recognized by the "QIYI VIDEO" ASCII signature in its header. Due to their non-standard format, such files cannot be opened in any normal multimedia player and require the use of iQIYI's proprietary software. Once installed, the iQIYI media player creates its own association for the .qsv file type. There are several third-party converters, capable of transforming .qsv videos into regular MPEG-4 movies.

Jigs@w Puzzle 2, a paid jigsaw puzzle game for Microsoft Windows by Tibo Software, uses the .qsv extension to denote its saved puzzle state files. The game would save the current puzzle state automatically upon exit by creating a .qsv file (e.g., "Autumn leaves.qsv") in a subdirectory of the "C:\ProgramData\Tibo Software\Jigs@w Puzzle 2\Albums\" folder where the puzzle files (.pzl) are stored. Such saved game files (.qsv) are opened and updated in Jigs@w Puzzle 2 automatically.

Another file type that uses the .qsv extension is the QlikView Script File (.qsv) type. QlikView is a major Business Intelligence (BI) software system by QlikTech International that supports user-side scripting in multiple languages. A QlikView script (.qsv) is a normal text file listing a set of VBScript, JScript, SQL, or AQL instructions that are interpreted and executed within the QlikView scripting platform. QVS scripts are usually authored in a power text editor.

Software to open or convert QSV files

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