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What is the .MPP file type?

The .mpp extension has its primary association with the Microsoft Project Document (MPP) file format and the related file type (.mpp). MPP is a proprietary format used by Microsoft (MS) Project, a commercial planning and project-maintenance application by MS, part of the MS Office family.MS Project allows to run large and complex projects, keeping track on individual tasks against time-points and deadlines, managing budgets, assigning workloads, etc.

An .mpp file is a binary file that contains a complete representation of an MS Project document. With MS Project, .mpp files are used to store project plans.

Although MPP documents are intended to be opened with MS Project, there are other project-running applications that support the MPP format. Besides, multiple third-party viewer utilities and online services are capable of reading .mpp files and converting them to other formats.

Quite differently, the .mpp extension also belongs to the Musepack Audio format, denoting the MPP file type, respectively. Musepack, also known as MPC, is a open, GPL-licensed digital audio compression codec invented by A. Buschmann and developed by the Musepack development team. Originating initially from MPEG-1 Layer II, Musepack is an independent patent-free audio compression method, rivaling MP3 and other popular formats.

Musepack (MPC) is known for its VBR-only compression, 'clear' sound, fast compression/decompression (much faster than MP3), flexible psychoacoustics, and extreme sound quality at higher bitrates.

Although Musepack is currently much less popular than MP3, AAC, WMA and other proprietary formats, it is still supported, and MPP audio files can be opened by a number of desktop and mobile media players. Musepack MPP files can also be streamed over a network.

Software to open or convert MPP files

You can open MPP files with the following programs:
KMPlayer by PandoraTV
MediaMonkey by Ventis Media Inc.
The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by KMP Media co., Ltd

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