ACSM File Extension

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What is the .ACSM file type?

The ACSM file extension is associated with the Adobe Digital Editions e-reader application designed to work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This software enables managing, organizing and reading eBooks and other digital publications purchased online.

When you buy an eBook copy-protected with the proprietary Adobe DRM scheme, a small .acsm file is created. It doesn't contain the actual book - it's just a permit to download and read the purchased content on your computer or reading device.

Technically, it works this way: ACSM files send the book's activation ID to the Adobe content server which uses that information to generate a link to an encrypted eBook saved in industry-standard formats like .pdf or .ePUB.

The .acsm files are an efficient way to protect digital publications from pirating and limit eBook sharing on multiple computers. Typically, you won't even see the ACSM file unless you haven't installed the proper software application capable of handling this type of files.

Software to open or convert ACSM files

You can open ACSM files with the following programs:
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Bluefire Reader for Windows
Bluefire Reader for Windows by Bluefire Productions, LLC
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox by Mozilla

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