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What is the .THEMEPACK file type?

The purpose of the verbose filename extension .themepack is to denote 'Theme Packs' in Microsoft Windows. Introduced in Windows 7, the .themepack file type (Windows Theme Pack File) is integrated into the system's GUI, presenting a way of changing its appearance.

A .themepack file is an entire Microsoft Windows GUI theme packaged into a single container. Internally, it is a Microsoft Cabinet (.cab) archive. As such, it can be directly opened with any archive manager that supports the CAB format. Inside the archive, there are desktop wallpaper images (.jpg), sound files (.wav), and the text-based control file (.theme) that defines the theme's layout.

The .themepack file type comes pre-registered in Windows 7 (and later), allowing to open such files with a double-click. Opening a .themepack file results in the immediate application of the contained theme (the changes can be reverted through the Personalization dialog in the Control Panel).

Besides the official Windows theme gallery run by Microsoft and accessible through the Personalization dialog, there are many unofficial sources of custom .themepack themes on the Internet.

Software to open or convert THEMEPACK files

You can open THEMEPACK files with the following programs:
Personalization Panel
Personalization Panel by
Personalization Panel
Personalization Panel by
Personalization Panel
Personalization Panel by
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH

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