MR File Extension

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What is the .MR file type?

The filename extension .mr is primarily used to denote Magnetic Resonance (MR) image files obtained using a General Electric (GE) Signa 5.x scanners. GE Signa 5.x is an MR imaging instrument used for non-invasively obtaining diagnostic images of the human body for medical care purposes. Here, an .mr file is an MR scan image created by a GE Signa 5.x device in the course of an MR scan being run on a patient. MR is a proprietary file format that can be read or written used GE software that accompanies the hardware scanner (e.g., the Image Extract Tool, ximg). GE Signa 5.x images may also have the .ct extension, depending on the scanning mode used. Both .mr and .ct files generated by GE Signa 5.x instruments can be opened using certain specialized MRI software (e.g., BrainVoyager).

Alternatively, the .mr extension occurs as a designation of the Mapped Read (.mr) file type introduced with amrfinder and other computational genome research tools written by The Smith Lab. With reference to amrfinder, methpipe, etc., an .mr file represents a very large data array (tens of gigabytes) produced as a result of bisulfite sequencing (BS) procedures and mapping against a reference genome.

Software to open or convert MR files

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