ISO File Extension

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What is the .ISO file type?

The .iso filename extension denotes the ISO image file format and file type and is assigned to ISO image files. The format received its name from ISO-9660, a standard filesystem for optical CD media.

An .iso image is an uncompressed sector-by-sector copy of the original disk's contents, including its filesystem (ISO-9660 or UDF). Unlike raw image formats, an ISO image stores only user data, excluding any service headers, error correction data and other overhead present on a physical disk. ISO cannot be used to create images of multiple-track CD's (e.g. Audio CD), as an .iso image can only contain a single track.

ISO disk images can be burned onto physical optical media or mounted as disk devices with either built-in tools or third-party utilities in Unix/Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android etc. In Windows (prior to Windows 8), mounting of ISO images on a virtual drive can be done via third-party tools only.

ISO is also supported by most archive managers as an archive format. ISO image files are popular as media for distribution of bootable CD/DVD images.

Software to open or convert ISO files

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