MS12 File Extension

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What is the .MS12 file type?

The .ms12 filename extension specifically associates with the Multisim 12 Circuit File (.ms12) file type and format used with Multisim 12, the twelfth version of the renowned commercial electronic circuit design and simulation software by National Instruments.

There is an adopted filename extension pattern used by different versions of Multisim, according to which circuit files are assigned alphanumerical extensions like ".dc[nn]", with [nn] representing a Multisim version. Thus, an .ms12 file is a circuit file created in Multisim 12. Multisim circuit files have the "MSMCompressedElectronicsWorkbenchXML" signature in their header.

A circuit file (here, .dc12) contains definition of an electronic circuit, with components and their interconnections. Circuits can be loaded into Multisim for editing, or to run circuit simulation.

Multisim is not backwards compatible, and later-version circuit files (e.g., .dc13) cannot be opened in Multisim 12 or earlier. Conversely, .dc12 files can be opened in Multisim 13 and later versions, being automatically converted into the latest format.

Software to open or convert MS12 files

You can open MS12 files with the following programs:
NI Circuit Design Suite
NI Circuit Design Suite by National Instruments
µTorrent by BitTorrent Inc.

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