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What is the .STY file type?

By far, the most common occurrence of the .sty filename extension is related to the generic TeX/LaTeX Style File (.sty) file type used with several TeX/LaTeX implementations. TeX, and its later more advanced successor LaTeX, represent a complex, yet very powerful text-based typesetting system based on using hierarchical markup to define the structure and presentation of a document. Existing TeX/LaTeX systems such as MacTex or MiKTeX rely on many auxiliary files (.cls, .sty, etc.) to augment and enhance their document processing features. For instance, an .sty file contains style definitions that can be included in a TeX/LaTeX document to enable certain features like graphics handling or particular visual representation. Style files are text-based and can be opened and modified in any text editor. Styles (.sty) are usually used together with classes (.cls), which are responsible for the document structure, and optionally other files to form packages that can be added to the local TeX/LaTeX installation.

Another role of the .sty extension is related to the Band-in-a-Box Accompaniment Style (.sty) file type, which is known thanks to the Band-in-a-Box (BiaB) accompaniment software developed by PG Music Inc. for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Here, an .sty file describes a musical arrangement that uses MIDI or RealTrack sequences in any combination. BiaB includes a selection of built-in styles and provides a dedicated style picker to do all style manipulations. BiaB styles (.sty) are also available, both freely and commercially, from many sources on the Internet. Musical styles created by other software or keyboards may also use the .sty extension, while generally being incompatible with each other.

Apart from that, the .sty extension represents the WINDEV Stylesheet (.sty) file type associated with WINDEV, a commercial Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution for Microsoft Windows by PC SOFT. A WINDEV stylesheet (.sty) is a text-based file, in which visual styles are defined for the various GUI elements or controls used within the current project. Such stylesheets can be manipulated directly from within WINDEV.

Software to open or convert STY files

You can open STY files with the following programs:
MiKTeX by
TeXnicCenter by The TeXnicCenter Team

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