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What is the .CSN file type?

The .csn extension has its primary association with the Adobe Code Snippet (CSN) file type. CSN is used with several major Adobe software products (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite incl. Adobe Dreamweaver).

A .csn file is a plaintext XML-based file that contains a frequently used portion of an (X)HTML, PHP, JavaScript or other source code that can be quickly inserted into, or wrapped around an element in the currently edited document. CSN snippets provide a convenient way to handle repeated, standard code sections in programming and web development.

Adobe CSN snippets are usually installed and managed from the Snippets panel within the application such snippets are used with (e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver), or the Adobe Extension Manager tool. Being simple text files, .csn snippets can be opened and used with a text editor outside Adobe applications.

Alternatively, the .csn extension is used in relation to the CSN format with the IBM (formerly, Lotus) Notes/Domino client-server teamwork platform for business environments. CSN is a proprietary binary format initially developed by Lotus. A .csn file is an e-mail message data file generated by the Domino server and processed by the Notes e-mail client.

In 3D scanning, the .csn extension is used to represent the proprietary CopyMate Raw Points Cloud (CSN) file format and type. CSN is used by CopyMate, an advanced commercial 3D-scanning solution by GraphiTech Ltd., and a .csn file stores a representation of a 3D object. It contains raw data obtained from a 3D scanner in form of an array of points (points cloud).

In relation to CartoPac Studio, the .csn extension is tied up with the CartoPac Solution (CSN) file type and format. CartoPac Studio is a commercial suite by CartoPac Intl. for development of software tools (solutions) for field data collection and database access in GIS projects. A .csn file is a CartoPac Studio project file (solution).

Software to open or convert CSN files

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