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What is the .MSH file type?

The primary association of the .msh extension goes with the proprietary ANSYS Fluent Mesh (MSH) file type and format. ANSYS Fluent is a powerful high-class software platform by ANSYS, Inc. for precise and realistic modeling of complex physical phenomena, such as turbulent flows, heat exchange, flow-based reactions etc. ANSYS Fluent is used in many mission-critical engineering, aerospace, industrial, medical and other applications.

Fluent stores its 2D and 3D model meshes as MSH files—binary files that define model geometry. A mesh can be thought of as a model's skeleton structure, with boundary conditions, solver settings etc. to be added for the model to be solved.

The Fluent MSH format is generally well supported by other modeling applications, and .msh files can be converted into other formats with the use of converter utilities.

In relation to the Microsoft (MS) Agent technology (discontinued by MS), the .msh extension is used in the scope of the MS Agent Script Helper (MASH) application to denote MASH script (.msh) files. Those are text files that program the behavior of an MS Agent character with sound and animation. MASH presentations can be compiled to EXE binaries as well.

Orbiter, a free 3D space flight simulator by Dr. Martin Schweiger, uses the .msh extension in conjunction with its Mesh (MSH) file type. Such mesh files (.msh) are binary data files used to store Orbiter's 3D models with vertex, materials and texture data. MSH models can be converted to/from other 3D model formats with the use of appropriate utilities.

The .msh extension can also represent the Adobe Visual Communicator Project (MSH) file type and format. Adobe Visual Communicator (AVC) is a commercial software product by Adobe for authoring video presentations, now discontinued by Adobe and considered legacy. An .msh file is an AVC project that, similar to other project file types, binds a collection of media resources but does not contain any actual media data, which are stored in an associated directory.

In a general sense, the .msh extension is often used as an abbreviation of 'mesh' and assigned to various mesh files used by different 3D modeling programs. Most frequently, a .msh mesh file would be a plaintext file that can be viewed in a text editor. However, proper processing and visualization of such .msh files can be achieved with the same software that was used to create them (or compatible).

Software to open or convert MSH files

You can open MSH files with the following programs:
MASH by BellCraft Technologies
TextPad by Helios
3DReshaper 2016 MR1
3DReshaper 2016 MR1 by Technodigit
midas Gen
midas Gen by Midas Information Technology Co., Ltd.
3DReshaper Meteor
3DReshaper Meteor by Technodigit

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