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What is the .NAR file type?

The primary association of the .nar extension belongs to the Nokia Camera File (NAR) file type/format. Nokia (since recently, a Microsoft division) is one of the world-leading brands of mobile devices, including high-end smart phones powered by the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. The top tier of such devices is represented by the Nokia Lumia series. Nokia Camera (formerly, Nokia Smart/Pro Camera) is an advanced software application for Nokia Lumia devices that allows to take pictures with numerous enhancements and special effects as well as edit them afterwards.

Nokia Camera uses .nar files to store pictures taken with that application. A Nokia Camera .nar file is a compressed archive (ZIP) with one or more images along with controlling XML files (and other metadata files) inside.

NAR files can be opened and displayed only with the Nokia Camera application on a Windows Phone device. NAR files are invisible in the photo gallery, but they can be seen and manipulated when a Windows Phone device is connected to a computer. Any NAR file can be opened and explored as a regular ZIP archive on a computer.

Another association of the .nar extension belongs to the Nikon Advanced RAW (NAR) file format and type. One of the major manufacturers of top-quality photographic and imaging equipment, Nikon has developed several proprietary lossless formats to store images. The NAR format, for instance, is used with the Nikon Capture NX image developing (editing) software (MS Windows/Mac OS X). A .nar file contains various settings that are made through editing and applied to raw images (NEF).

Lastly, the .nar extension is also tied up with the EMC VNX/Clariion Performance Data (NAR) file type/format. VNX/Clariion (initially, CLARiiON) is the combined name of the family of disk-array data storage solutions by EMC, offering high performance and reliability. With reference to VNX/Clariion, NAR files are performance-analysis files created by the storage array controller with the performance logging option on. Such .nar logs are accessible through the Navispere (Unisphere) Analyzer tool.

Software to open or convert NAR files

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