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What is the .MPL file type?

The .mpl extension primarily associates with the Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) Playlist (MPL) format and file type. AVCHD is a proprietary high-resolution video format developed and promoted by Sony and Panasonic, particularly in relation with HD camcorders.

An MPL file is a binary playlist file that contains references to all .mts files on a recording media in an ordered list. An .mpl playlist also stores metadata for each .mts clip, such as shooting distance, white point balance, exposure, clip position and length etc. An MPL playlist is automatically created by a camcorder and normally saved in the 'PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/PLAYLIST' directory.

In hardware HD and BluRay players, an .mpl playlist defines playback sequence and settings, and playback via .mpl files is supported by a number of popular software media players. Actual .mts video files must be in their place within the AVCHD directory structure to be played back through an MPL playlist.

Alternatively, the .mpl extension can be used to distinguish files in the MPL2 Subtitle format. MPL2 is a simple subtitle definition format supported in popular players. Subtitle .mpl files are plaintext files with phrases cued with high-precision timing keys.

The .mpl extension can also be used to denote plaintext source code files for Maple, an advanced mathematics and modeling software by Maplesoft. Maple MPL files contain a set of statements in the Maple language syntax and can be opened (run) within Maple.

Software to open or convert MPL files

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