MUC File Extension

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What is the .MUC file type?

The MUC file extension is used by Music Collector, a music managing software application created by It is designed to help users catalog their digital and physical music collections to find necessary tracks faster and avoid buying duplicates. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

A file with the .muc extension represents a database file used to store information about music collections in a structured form. It works this way: Music Collector scans hard drives, audio discs and other data sources for music files and then adds the received information (track lists, album details, cover art, etc.) to its database.

A .muc file is necessary if you decide to transfer your Music Collector application to another computer or if you need to upgrade your OS. In this case, it is required to save the corresponding .muc file onto a USB stick and then transfer it to the new location. Thus you will restore your music collections on a new computer/OS without losing any sensitive data.

Software to open or convert MUC files

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