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What is the .POM file type?

The filename extension .pom has to do with the Project Object Model (POM) concept adopted as fundamental in Apache Maven, an open-source project management and build tool by the Apache Software Foundation. Initially used for Java projects, Apache Maven uses POM description of a project's structure to enable automated compiling, creation of distribution packages, etc.

The key configuration file for any Apache Maven project that defines all its dependencies and provides all build instructions is the pom.xml file, located in the project's root and often referenced as the POM file. It is an XML document that precisely defines the way a particular Maven project will be built. Being a normal text file, it can be directly opened for viewing or editing using any text editor.

In addition to the pom.xml file, which governs the build-from-source process, other POM files (usually, .pom) are used with Maven artifacts. A .pom file is a POM XML document, much like pom.xml, that provides dependency information for a given Maven artifact (.jar). Such POM files serve the purpose of automating dependency resolution when adding Maven artifacts to local or remote repositories.

Software to open or convert POM files

You can open POM files with the following programs:
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
UltraEdit SE
UltraEdit SE by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.

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