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What is the .BPE file type?

Primarily, the .bpe file extension represents the WWE 2K Texture Archive (.bpe) file type and format used by WWE 2K, a series of popular wrestling simulation games developed as a result of the US-Japan collaboration of Yuke's and Visual Concepts, and published by 2K Sports. The WWE 2K series is a continuation of the WWE series published by THQ - the company declared bankruptcy at the end of 2012.

Here, a .bpe file is a digital container storing 3D textures used to draw wrestlers, wrestling venues, and other models in the games. Such texture containers can use different encoding algorithms depending on the game version. Despite the fact that these .bpe files are not intended to be opened or edited manually, one can find user-created editors like X-Packer designed to open WWE 2K BPE files and extract their contents for modding purposes.

In addition, the .bpe file extension can also designate Buffer Pool Extension caching files used by the Buffer Pool Extension (BPE) feature added to SQL Server 2014 (12.x) as a means to overcome database server memory limitations. Usually created and stored on a SSD, such .bpe files work as an additional buffer pool area and help users improve the work of their SQL Server applications by caching "clean" pages.

Moreover, the .bpe file extension was also used by ARCHICAD Student to denote its solo project backup files. Developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft, ARCHICAD is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software system for architects distributed under different types of licenses, from demo to educational. In this case, a .bpe file is a backup copy of an ARCHICAD Student project (.pne) having the same name as the project and saved in the same folder. If the project file got damaged, it was possible to restore the lost data from the backup file. The PNE and BPE ('educational') file types are similar to the PLN and BPN file types used in other versions of ARCHICAD, however, they can be opened in the Student version only.

Plus, the .bpe file extension can also be assigned to BASIC Stamp source code files written in the BASIC Stamp Editor Software from Parallax. Such source code files are used to program different types of BASIC Stamp microcontroller modules and are useless outside the BASIC Stamp world.

Software to open or convert BPE files

You can open BPE files with the following programs:
BASIC Stamp Editor (r2)
BASIC Stamp Editor (r2) by Parallax Inc.
BASIC Stamp Editor
BASIC Stamp Editor by Parallax Inc.
BASIC Stamp Editor
BASIC Stamp Editor by Parallax, Inc.

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