VSD File Extension

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What is the .VSD file type?

The filename extension .vsd is associated with the Microsoft Visio Document (VSD) file type/format. Microsoft Visio is a vector drawing application, part of the popular commercial Microsoft Office suite. To save its documents, Microsoft Visio uses a proprietary binary format (VSD), which is the default saving format in all Visio versions until Visio 2013.

A .vsd file is a Microsoft Visio (2000–2013) document. In the binary form, it stores a representation of a diagram, flowchart, structure breakdown, or any other drawing made with Microsoft Visio. Since Visio 2013, the default diagram document format was changed from the binary VSD to the newer XML-based VSDX. Earlier, another XML-based diagram format was also used with Microsoft Visio (VDX).

Beside the native support in all versions of Microsoft Visio, the binary VSD format is understood by several desktop office applications and graphics editors. There are also desktop/mobile viewer utilities on several platforms that can open and display .vsd files. For Windows, Microsoft offers the free Visio Viewer.

Software to open or convert VSD files

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