MXS File Extension

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What is the .MXS file type?

The .mxs filename extension primarily belongs to the Maxwell Studio Scene (.mxs) file type introduced by Maxwell Studio, a premium commercial 3D scene authoring environment from Next Limit Technologies incorporating the acclaimed Maxwell Render realistic visualization engine. In Maxwell Studio, 3D scenes are saved in its native format (MXS), directly compatible with Maxwell Render. An .mxs file is a Maxwell Studio scene. MXS files are created by exporting a 3D scene either directly from Maxwell Studio or from other environments by using the Maxwell Render plugin which is available for most major 3D software titles. To ensure their component integrity, such scenes (.mxs) are normally exported with the Pack­-and-­Go option turned on. Maxwell Studio (.mxs) scenes can be directly submitted for visual rendering by either standalone or cloud-based instances of Maxwell Render.

Alternatively, the .mxs extension is associated with the Corel Painter Mixer Pad (.mxs) file type used by Corel Painter to denote custom color mixes created and saved by the user. Corel Painter is an advanced commercial digital drawing tool and bitmap editor, available from Corel Corp. on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Corel Painter uses the Mixer tool to manage colors, and a set of custom colors can be made and saved as Mixer pads (.mxs) using the Save Mixer Pad command from the Mixer options. Any given Mixer pad (.mxs) can be re-opened to restore the previously saved colors in Corel Painter.

Apart from that, the .mxs extention also occurs in association with the MAGIX Sound (.mxs) file type used by several commercial sound-editing software products such as MAGIX MP3 Maker from MAGIX Software GmbH. In this context, an .mxs file represents a digital audio project created in MAGIX MP3 Maker or related MAGIX software.

Software to open or convert MXS files

You can open MXS files with the following programs:
MIDI-OX by MIDIOX Computing
Corel Painter Essentials
Corel Painter Essentials by Corel Corporation
Corel Painter Photo Essentials
Corel Painter Photo Essentials by Corel Corporation

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