SMK File Extension

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What is the .SMK file type?

The .smk file extension is mainly associated with the Smacker video technology developed by RAD Game Tools. SMK files are commonly used for video games, educational games and other entertainment software, including such popular games as Warcraft II and Diablo I. The overall number of games using Smacker is over 2300 titles.

A file with the .smk extension represents a container storing video or audio data compressed with the Smacker codec. Smacker audio can include up to seven tracks that in turn have either one or two channels with the 8-bit/16-bit depth.

Smacker video supports an adaptive 8-bit RGB palette and features transparency support and a compression rate of up to 1:12. Due to that 256-color scheme, the codec is very fast, but at the same time the color quality decreases. That's why Smacker was replaced with a new generation codec - Bink (.bik) that uses a full range colorspace.

In addition, the SMK file extension can also be attributed to an image file used in NASCAR racing simulator created by Papyrus Design Group in 1999.

Software to open or convert SMK files

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