NORBIN File Extension

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What is the .NORBIN file type?

Known thanks to the Sony PlayStation 3 hacking and modding community, the .norbin filename extension is used to denote unofficial Sony PlayStation 3 firmware files. Sony PlayStation (PS3) is a widely popular standalone gaming console by Sony Corporation, available in different hardware and software versions.

A .norbin file is a binary dump of the firmware data stored permanently in a NOR flash-memory chip inside a PS3 device. Generally known as NOR or slim, such devices are incompatible on the hardware level with the so-called NAND versions, which use a different flash memory type (NAND). NAND firmware dumps have the .nandbin extension. Both .norbin and .nandbin files are used as the source of unofficial firmware builds to replace the stock firmware of the mass-issue CEX consoles using certain flashing tools, in order to unlock the developer's, or DEX mode. NORBIN files are normally versioned, with the version number clearly given in the filename. Using a wrong firmware file (.norbin instead .nandbin, or vice versa) will put the PS3 device involved out of order. Although legally questionable, .norbin and .nandbin firmware files are readily obtainable on the Internet.


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