WRI File Extension

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What is the .WRI file type?

The .wri filename extension is associated with the legacy proprietary Microsoft (MS) Write (WRI) format and file type. WRI is a binary rich-text format introduced and used in connection with Write (write.exe), a simple word processing tool bundled with MS Windows 1.0/2.x/3.x.

WRI was partially based upon RTF (Rich-Text Format) and text documents saved as .wri files could include some basic formatting. In later Windows versions (before Windows XP), WRI files were redirected to and supported by WordPad (wordpad.exe), a replacement basic word-processing utility with more functions; however, eventually this support has been removed.

WRI is a Windows-specific legacy format that is generally unsupported or supported only rarely for backward-compatibility purposes. It is advised to convert any remaining .wri files with the older Write/WordPad (if available) into a universally supported word-processing format like RTF.

Although binary, WRI files still do store their content partially as plain text, and such plaintext sections can be viewed and extracted with any text editor or dump viewer tool.

Software to open or convert WRI files

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