NVC File Extension

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What is the .NVC file type?

The .nvc filename extension stands for the Nero Video Compilation—or, previously Nero Vision Document—(NVC) file type and format. NVC is a proprietary file format developed by Nero AG for its reputed commercial suite of CD/DVD and multimedia authoring tools, Nero. Among those, Nero Video (formerly, Nero Vision) is a dedicated video manipulation program with advanced transcoding and editing capabilities.

An .nvc file is a Nero Video (formerly, Nero Vision) project. It is basically a compilation of video clips and still images added to the project's timeline and arranged so as to form a single movie or a slide show.

NVC files do not contain any actual media themselves and cannot be played or 'converted' into any format outside Nero Video. Before publishing, any .nvc project has to be produced or burned into an optical disk directly from Nero Video. Older Nero Vision projects (.nvc) are incompatible with later releases of Nero Video.

Differently, the .nvc extension also associates with the Nikon Vignette Control (NVC) file type/format. Nikon is a renowned producer of high-end photography appliances backed with Nikon proprietary software, among which is Nikon Capture, a dedicated digital-negative processing tool for Nikon's raw picture format (NEF).

Besides a host of advanced features to fine-tune a photographic image, Nikon Capture allows to adjust vignette control settings to make up for darkened areas at image corners. To save vignette control settings, Nikon Capture uses .nvc files that can be later loaded to restore the saved settings again. An .nvc file contains vignette control adjustment settings only and should not be confused with color curves settings files (.ncv) also used by Nikon Capture.

Software to open or convert NVC files

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