NZB File Extension

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What is the .NZB file type?

The .nzb extension is bound up with the NewzBin Usenet Index File (NZB) file type/format. NZB is a plaintext XML-based format for defining pointers to Usenet posts. Usenet is an old BBS-like server-based message exchange network with a hierarchy of topical channels (newsgroups), similar to today's Internet forums but greatly outdating them.

NZB was introduced by NewzBin, a Usenet indexing site with a controversial reputation for hosting pirated materials. Even before the complete shutdown of NewzBin in 2012, NZB was picked up as a de facto standard Usenet index format by many similar indexing sites and services.

Any .nzb file is a small XML text file, acting as a pointer to a Usenet post, and usable with any Usenet client. The .nzb file type is typically associated with various Usenet clients, depending on OS/platform.

Aside from the discontinued NewzBin, there are many other sites/services that offer indexes of various content found on the Usenet and can generate .nzb pointers for any user-selected posts, without the need to update channel headers on the client side. The use of .nzb pointers is especially advantageous with binary data.

Software to open or convert NZB files

You can open NZB files with the following programs:
UseNeXT by Tangysoft
UseNeXT by Tangysoft by Tangysoft Ltd.
GrabIt by Ilan Shemes
SABnzbd by The SABnzbd Team
Tangysoft by Tangysoft Ltd.

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