PK7 File Extension

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What is the .PK7 file type?

The .pk7 filename extension is associated with the PKCS ♯7 Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard (RFC 2315) and conventionally assigned to PKCS ♯7 cryptographic message files. The PKCS (Public Key Cryptography Standards) specifications define different aspects of using asymmetric cryptography for encryption, signature, and verification of digital data.

A PKCS ♯7 message embeds one or more digitally signed documents in any format (most commonly, PDF). It is a multi-part text sequence consisting of header, Base64-encoded payload, and digital signature. The digital signature allows to verify authenticity and origin of the embedded documents. When saved as files, PKCS ♯7 messages are usually given the .pk7 extension, although it is not required. Such .pk7 files can be opened and decoded using any PKCS ♯7-compliant cryptographic utility.

Most notably, such PKCS ♯7 (.pk7) files are used by the Spanish digital content provider Movistar (Telefonica) to provide legally valid e-invoices to their customers. In this case, the .pk7 file incorporates a regular PDF file signed with a digital signature.

Software to open or convert PK7 files

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