GLK File Extension

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What is the .GLK file type?

On Windows/PC, the filename extension .glk is primarily associated with the Microsoft Office Groove Shortcut (.glk) file type, with reference to Microsoft Office Groove (later, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace), Microsoft's discontinued collaboration software included in previous releases of Microsoft Office (e.g., Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010). In Microsoft Office Groove, it was possible to create desktop shortcuts (.glk) to Groove workspaces or individual workspace tools via the "Save Shortcut to Desktop" context menu command, selectable in the Workspace Manager, Workspace Explorer, or Launchbar. Such shortcuts were saved as small binary .glk files in the current user's desktop directory. The .glk file type was automatically associated with Microsoft Office Groove upon installation. Once activated, the .glk shortcut would cause the associated Microsoft Office Groove handler ("grooveperfmon.dll") to connect to the referenced workspace.

On the Android mobile platform, the .glk extension is used by Gallery Lock Pro, a paid application by Morrison Software to conceal the user's picture and video gallery for security purposes. Gallery Lock Pro hides image or video files simply by changing their original extensions (.jpg or .avi) to .glk. Since no encryption or data obfuscation is used, it is usually quite easy to restore all such 'protected' images/videos by manually changing the .glk extension back to .jpg or .avi as appropriate, once access to the "/data" directory is gained by using root access rights and/or third-party tools.

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