VNT File Extension

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What is the .VNT file type?

The .vnt extension is tied up with the vNote Message (VNT) file format and type. vNote is very similar to other simple data-exchange formats, like vCard and vCalendar/iCalendar. vNote is used by a large number of mobile devices of different makes (e.g., Sony Ericsson, Nokia) for sending and sharing notes/memos from the phone.

A .vnt file is a plaintext file that contains a vNote message or memo. The text data inside the file is structured and delimited by tags, while the actual message body is represented in the Quoted-Printable (QP) encoding. With QP, all characters outside the printable ASCII set are written as escape sequences: the "=" escape character followed by two hexadecimal digits. This allows to represent any character code from 0 to 255, which is sufficient for the UTF-8 (Unicode) character set normally used for vNote files.

Any VNT file can be directly opened with a text editor, however, due to the QP encoding, its payload message is human-unreadable and requires conversion. There are plenty of various online, standalone, and plugin-based tools for all platforms to convert the QP-encoded .vnt files into plain text, and vice versa.

Software to open or convert VNT files

You can open VNT files with the following programs: 

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