ELR File Extension

Have a problem opening a .ELR file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what ELR files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .ELR file type?

The .elr filename extension denotes the EPLAN Revised Project (.elr) file type and format. EPLAN is the name of a family of commercial CAD/CAE products such as EPLAN Electric P8 developed by EPLAN Software & Service GmbH.

In EPLAN, a range of extensions, like .elk, .elr, .ela, and others, is used to denote project files in different stages of completeness or with different storage options. For instance, regular projects are saved as .elk files, while the .elr extension is assigned to revised projects. A revised project (.elr) is a finished EPLAN project that has been revised, approved, and saved in a locked state. ELR projects are read-only and cannot be changed when opened in EPLAN. When EPLAN is installed, respective associations are set up for all EPLAN-specific file types, so files like .elr can be opened in EPLAN with a double-click.

To 'convert' a revised EPLAN project (.elr) into an editable one (.elk), it suffices only to change the file's extension from .elr to .elk. Once necessary changes are made, the extension can be reverted to .elr, so as to protect the file from further modifications.

Software to open or convert ELR files

You can open ELR files with the following programs: 

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