PROPERTIES File Extension

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What is the .PROPERTIES file type?

The .properties extension associates with plaintext files that store configurable properties for computer programs written in a number of programming languages. Most popular uses are Java and JavaScript.

The purpose of a .properties file is to enable passing some set of properties to the program through the standard read method (the API-accessible Properties object in Java). A common .properties file stores XML-structured pairs of keys and values, while more complicated configuration setups might involve rather complex XML syntax.

In Java, a .properties file can be embedded in a .jar distributable during compilation, and so properties will be loaded from it as a stream 'inside' a program. Besides that, when executed, a .jar program can look into a specified directory for a standalone .properties file to read from it.

There are no special requirements concerning the name of the extension so it can be anything, but it is better to keep the conventional name. This can help avoid some hard-to-track runtime errors.

Software to open or convert PROPERTIES files

You can open PROPERTIES files with the following programs:
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
TextPad by Helios
Sublime Text Build
Sublime Text Build by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd

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