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What is the .SB file type?

The primary association of the .sb filename extension belongs to the Scratch 1.4 Project (.sb) file type and format, with reference to Scratch 1.4. Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group of the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a popular free/open visual programming language, interactive environment, and social network for children interested in programming.

An .sb file is a Scratch 1.4 project file in the 'older' format. A single .sb file contains stage setup, sprites, scripts, and sounds that make up a Scratch project. Scratch 1.4 project files (.sb) have the "ScratchV02" ASCII signature in the file header.

Latest versions of Scratch (2.x) use a different format designated with the .sb2 file type, not compatible with the older one (.sb). However, there is an online tool named Retro Converter that can partially convert Scratch 2.0 project files (.sb2) into the older Scratch 1.4 format (.sb). Using ChirpCompiler, Scratch projects (.sb, sb2) can be compiled into Microsoft Windows executables (.exe).

The .sb extension is also associated with the Microsoft Small Basic Program File (.sb) file type. Microsoft Small Basic is a simplified imperative programming language and development environment by Microsoft. An .sb file is a regular text file with the source code of a Small Basic program that can be opened and edited in any text editor. Small Basic programs (.sb) can be shared and imported through the dedicated Small Basic portal (Microsoft). By default, .sb programs are saved into the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\Small Basic" folder.

Alternatively, the .sb extension has been chosen to represent the Slax Linux Module (.sb) file type and format related to Slax Linux, a lightweight, compact, portable, and yet fully-functional modular GNU/Linux distribution. Slax Linux relies on modules (.sb) to add or expand its features.

A Slax Linux module (.sb) is a SquashFS-compressed filesystem image. SB modules are recognized and used by a Slax Linux installation directly on boot, without the need to install or deploy. Any .sb module file can also be mounted as a disk device on any GNU/Linux machine.

Additionally, the .sb extension occurs as a representation of the Signed Byte Audio (.sb) file type/format. Here, an .sb file is a headerless digital audio file that contains low-bandwidth (8 kHz) PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) sound samples encoded as signed bytes.

Software to open or convert SB files

You can open SB files with the following programs:
Scratch by MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Group
Scratch 2 Offline Editor
Scratch 2 Offline Editor by MIT Media Lab
Scratch by MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten
Scratch 2 Offline Editor
Scratch 2 Offline Editor by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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