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What is the .MTX file type?

The filename extension .mtx is primarily associated with the Microsoft Visual Studio Manual Test (Text Format) (.mtx) file type used in Microsoft Visual Studio, a commercial integrated developer's environment (IDE) by Microsoft. In Microsoft Visual Studio, manual tests serve to test application behavior in certain non-standard or not easily automated or reproducible scenarios. Two different formats are used to save manual test files, the text format (.mtx) and the Microsoft Word format (.mht). Any manual test file saved in the text format (.mtx) can be opened and modified directly within the IDE, or using any external text editor. The .mtx file itself contains a text-based description of application test conditions, to be applied when the test is run. Such manual test files (.mtx) can be loaded and executed in Microsoft Visual Studio.

With reference to MadTracker 2, a free-to-use, pay-to-register tracker music composition tool developed by Y. Delwiche for Microsoft Windows, the .mtx extension is associated with the MadTracker 2 Extension (.mtx) file type. MadTracker 2 uses extension modules to add features to its basic functionality, with each extension (.mtx) being just a renamed Windows dynamically linked library (DLL) implementing such added features. Extensions (.mtx) are placed into the "Extensions" subfolder in the MadTracker 2 installation directory.

The .mtx extension is also related to GROMACS, open and free molecular dynamics analysis and visualization software, where this extension is used to denote the GROMACS Hessian Matrix (.mtx) file type. Such .mtx files use the standard GROMACS trajectory file format (.trj) and specifically serve to store Hessian matrices. Such files can be read in GROMACS using the "gmx nmeig" command.

Apart from that, the .mtx extension is used to denote MetaStream/Viewpoint Media Player (VMP) 3D scene files exported from 3D modeling environments via special plugins. Stemming from the older MetaStream software by MetaCreations, VMP by ViewPoint Corp. is a proprietary technology for embedding and visualizing 3D content in web pages. VMP exists as a web browser plugin that processes embedded MetaStream/VMP scenes (.mts, .mtx/.mtz) and creates their dynamically updated 3D view.

Standing for 'matrix,' the .mtx extension is additionally associated with the Matrix Market exchange formats natively used on the Matrix Market, an online service run by NIST to exchange algebraical matrix definitions. The Matrix Market .mtx file is an ASCII text document that defines a sparse or dense M-by-N matrix using the coordinate or the array format, respectively. Such MTX files can be imported/exported by most numerical computation applications.

Project Analyzer, a paid Visual Basic code review and optimization tool designed by Aivosto Oy for Microsoft Windows, uses the .mtx extension in association with its Metrics Database (.mtx) file type/format. MTX is a proprietary binary format for storing metrics of Visual Basic programming projects scrutinized with Project Analyzer. The .mtx file contains a project's ID, title, and date as well as its file, class, procedure, and variable names. Such project metrics (.mtx) files cannot be opened or used outside Project Analyzer, but they can be exported in an XML-based exchange format.

Besides, the .mtx extension is used to denote the Memotech MTX512 ROM Image (.mtx) file type/format, with reference to Memotech MTX512, a legacy 8-bit home computer manufactured by Memotech in the UK in 1980's. Since long obsolete physically, Memotech MTX512 is preserved through software emulation by several independent projects. To handle Memotech MTX512 software distributed as ROM cartridges or otherwise, a special format (.mtx) was devised, and the .mtx file represents a ROM image that can be used with one of the Memotech MTX512 emulators.

In addition to that, the .mtx extension is used by MTX Editor, a professional audio network configuration tool from Yamaha Corporation, to denote its project files (Yamaha MTX Editor Project, .mtx). The .mtx file describes a networked audio system built with Yamaha's MTX, XMV, or EXi8/EXo8 series units, keeping track of the devices' number and types and storing their configuration settings. Such .mtx files can be used with MTX Editor only.

With reference to NX (formerly known as Unigraphics or UG), a powerful CAD and Product Life Management (PLM) suite from Siemens PLM Software, the .mtx extension denotes user role customization files. Such an .mtx file (usually, "user.mtx" located in "%localappdata%\Unigraphics Solutions\NX6") is an XML file that defines configuration settings for the current "role" (toolbar availability and layout, etc.) as defined by the NX user.

The .mtx extension is also related to IBM WebSphere TX Design Studio in the scope of which it is assigned to schema type tree files. Such .mtx files are auxiliary read-only files, automatically created as a result of schema parsing and used to speed up the process of opening maps that utilize XML schemas. It is recommended to delete all leftover .mtx files if upgrading IBM WebSphere TX Design Studio, before opening any map files. They will be re-created as necessary.

Yet another occurrence of the .mtx extension has to do with MyTestXPro, a shareware Microsoft Windows application designed by A. Bashlakov to author and administer quizzes, tests, or exams. In MyTestXPro, one .mtx file represents a single quiz that can be opened and administered to students. Since MTX files use a proprietary compressed and encrypted file format, they can only be opened in MyTestXPro Student (testing) or MyTestXPro Editor (authoring).

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