OTRKEY File Extension

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What is the .OTRKEY file type?

The filename extension .otrkey is associated with the OnlineTvRecorder Encrypted Media (.otrkey) file type and format invented and used by the Germany-based multimedia content delivery service OnlineTvRecorder (OTR). OTR allows its users to schedule recording of multiple TV programs and download such recordings later for local viewing. OTR makes all recorded TV programs available for downloading in its proprietary encrypted format (.otrkey) only.

Any .otrkey file is a Blowfish-encrypted container in which the actual media file and its encrypting key are stored. No .otrkey file can be opened for viewing without being decoded first. Each .otrkey file is bound to one user account against which it was generated at OTR and can be decoded by the same user only. OTR provides its official cross-platform decoder that checks the user's status with OTR, retrieves the decrypting key, and decodes .otrkey files only if certain prerequisites are met. Besides the official OTR decoder, there are several independent public-domain tools that are capable of decoding .otr files, provided the OTR user credentials are available that were used at the time of their creation.


Software to open or convert OTRKEY files

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