WSE File Extension

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What is the .WSE file type?

The .wse extension denotes the WiseScript Project (WSE) file type and format. WiseScript is a closed-source commercial scripting framework for process automation by Wise Solutions, Inc. (Altiris/Symantec) for Microsoft (MS) Windows. WiseScript is a high-level simple yet versatile scripting language that uses pre-written (incl. custom) code snippets for elementary actions. Such snippets, or basic scripts can be combined as needed within a .wse WiseScript project.

A .wse file is a project file that serves as a source code for a script that will be compiled into an executable (EXE) file. The resulting EXE file can be run and perform actions it is programmed to perform. WSE source code cannot be restored from a compiled EXE script.

WSE projects can be used to create scripts for a number of purposes, yet they became popular in conjunction with Windows Installer, the default software installation technology in MS Windows. WSE scripts are used to program free space checks, arithmetic calculations, link DLL libraries etc. from within a Windows Installer-based installation package.

WSE files are meant to be opened, edited and saved in WiseScript Editor, Wise Studio or similar development tools.

Software to open or convert WSE files

You can open WSE files with the following programs:
WinJUPOS by Grischa Hahn, Germany

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